A Trusted IT Partner

As a vendor agnostic partner, we are able to look at your projects through a vendor neutral lens.
This allow us to package the best solution and enable our clients to do more with less.

About Universal Tech

Universal Tech is simplifying and changing the way that enterprises manage, maintain and upgrade their IT infrastructure by educating clients on ALL THE OPTIONS available to them. We work with the leading technology partners to bring in agility, efficiency and experience in managing large infrastructure engagements.

Universal TECH provides infrastructure services that transform your IT landscape and get the most out of your IT investments. We help our clients to store, protect and manage their organization most valuable asset, Information, while increasing their efficiency and decreasing their cost. Additionally, we provide a full range of services to improve reliability, efficiency,  flexibility , and reduce total cost of ownership, such as:

  • Configuration and Installation
  • Capacity and Planning
  • Storage Vendor Management
  • Professional & IT Lifecycle Services
  • Third-Party Maintenance

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