Data Center Services

Universal Tech can add significant value to your IT staff with our diverse portfolio of
Professional and IT Life-Cycle services for your data centers and remote offices.

Professional & IT Life-Cycle Services

Data Erasure & Destruction

Secure On-Site or Off-Site Destruction

Certificates Provided for Records

R2 & e-Steward Compliant

DoD 5220.22-M 3 Pass

Migrations and Moves

End-to-End Project Planning

Complete Audit of all IT Assets

Best Practices To Minimize Downtime

Seamless Domestic or Global Logistics

Asset Recovery & Recycling

Detailed SOW & Complete IT Asset Audit

On-site Equipment Packing & Palletizing

Secure Transport to Processing Center

Rent equipment one-week to one year

Enterprise Servers, Storage & Networking

Preserve Capital with a flexible OPEX model

Perfect for Data Center Moves, Migrations, ect.

IT Hardware Rentals

Universal TECH offers both on-site and secure offsite data erasure and data destruction services. We will provide documentation for your records to meet any corporate, federal, or state compliance requirements  (i.e full chain of custody documentation, receipt of materials, certificate(s) of sanitization).

Data Erasure & Destruction

Asset Recovery & Recycling

With an emphasis on reuse, Universal TECH optimizes the value and prolongs the lifespan of your data center equipment via reverse logistics, extracting maximum value from retiring technology. Our holistic suite of services includes the assessment, verification, recovery, refurbishment, reconfiguration, resale or recycling of equipment which can be customized to meet your business needs.

Migrations & Data Center Moves

Universal TECH can serve as a single point of contact for any professional services or logistics you may need for data migrations and/or data center moves. We can help you plan your project from start to finish and apply best practices at every step to ensure your data is safe and secure.

IT Hardware Rentals

Sometimes it does not make sense to purchase IT equipment you will only need for a few weeks or months (i.e Data Center Moves or Data Migrations) or perhaps you are trying to preserve capital and prefer an OPEX model. This is when renting equipment makes perfect sense. We can rent almost any enterprise server, storage or networking configuration for your project from 1-week to 1-year. 

Migration Services

• Database Migration
• Custom Application Migration
• Legacy Systems Conversion

Managed Support Services

• Oracle and SAP Application Support
• Database Support
• Systems Support

ERP Business Solutions

• Oracle EBS Implementation
• SAP Implementation
• Custom Application Development

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